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GFI Outlets

Protect your home and family with GFI outlets

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If you don’t already have GFI outlets, call the expert electricians at 4Front Energy Corp to have them installed in your Minneapolis home as soon as possible. Our professionals can also assist you with outlet repairs and other residential electrical safety services.

GFI Outlet Repairs

GFI outlets protect the circuit by preventing it from overloading. Frequently tripping GFI outlets can be an indicator of a larger problem. If you’re noticing an issue with one or more ground fault interrupter outlets in your home, you should immediately call our professional electricians to rectify the problem.

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Our fully licensed electricians will complete your installation or repair efficiently and answer any questions you may have.

Protect Your Family With GFI Outlets

Areas near water sources such as sinks, bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, and garages should have GFI outlets installed. The GFI senses moisture and shuts the current off when it’s present in order to protect you from electric shock.

Frequently Asked Questions

GFI outlets are crucial for the safety of your family and protecting your electrical system. They are designed to trip when overloaded or when moisture is detected preventing dangerous shocks and fire hazards.

Yes. If several outlets in an area stop working suddenly, it is possible you have a GFI on that circuit that may be tripped. Try to locate the GFI outlet and reset it to see if that fixes the other outlets.

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Excellent! They saved me thousands by fixing the broken refrigerant line. Other places would have pushed me to get a new HVAC. The a/c is only 9 years old so I am thrilled that they were able to fix it. This is where experience and skills…

Rita S.

I used 4Front Energy to upgrade our panel from 100 to 200 amps. They were very responsive and professional, offered fair pricing, and did quality work. I will definitely use them again for future projects!

Wes J.

They are honest and ethical... no more need be said. My only call from here out!

Resse B.

Always available with fair pricing and prompt service.

Todd P.

We were in a must replace situation with our furnace. We had four bids and theirs was by far the best. The whole crew was professional and did a great job. The furnace and ductwork are great. Fully recommend them.

Ron S.