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Heating Services in Minneapolis, MN

The harsh Minnesota winters remind you why you need a high-quality heating system in your home. On top of this, you need a trustworthy heating company, which is where our team at 4Front Energy steps in. 

We have a full suite of furnace services, including heating, repair, and installation jobs. We are committed to giving you the best service possible, which is why we work on gas and electric furnaces. 

The last thing you need is your furnace going out in the middle of a Minnesota winter. Call (952) 933-1868 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Furnace Installation Services 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your furnace or become a first-time furnace owner, 4Front is here to help. Our team is equipped with the knowledge to service all brands of gas and electric furnaces. 

When starting the installation process, our team will work with you to find what unit will run best for your home. Additionally, our technicians will assess your home and find the best location to install the furnace. 

Benefits of Upgrading to a New Furnace

You might think you’re in the clear if you already have a furnace. However, your furnace’s energy efficiency and quality will decline over time. Instead of keeping an inefficient unit, you should look at upgrading your unit.

The benefits of upgrading your furnace include the following:

  • Increase energy efficiency: As your system ages, it will use more energy to run.  
  • Even heating throughout the home: With a new system, the heat can be spread further as the unit is in good condition. 
  • Lowered costs on your energy bill: Since the system will have higher energy efficiency, you will have to spend less on your energy bill. 
  • Decrease in repair frequency: The newer your system is, the less you have to worry about having repairs done. 

If you want to upgrade your furnace, 4Front is your answer. Call (952) 933-1868 or contact us online to schedule your free estimate today. 

Furnace Replacement Services in Twin Cities

If your system has reduced in quality, it could be time to look at replacing your unit. 4Front’s furnace replacement services include gas furnace replacement and electric furnace replacement for all HVAC brands. 

For furnace replacement you can trust, contact the 4Front Energy team at (952) 933-1868 today!

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Furnace

With the commitment that goes into replacing a furnace, homeowners often wonder if there are warning signs that a furnace replacement could be on the horizon. Our team has determined that the following signs indicate that it’s time to replace your furnace:

  • Your system is older than 15 years: The average life span of a furnace is around 15 years, so if your unit is older than that, it’s time to get a new furnace. 
  • The cost of repairs has surpassed the costs of a new system: If your repair costs are more than a new system, it would be wise to invest that money in a newer, high-quality unit. 
  • The heating in your home is uneven: One of the hallmarks of a furnace is the even heating they offer, so if your home’s heating is inconsistent, your furnace is not doing its job. 
  • It takes too long to heat your home: A furnace should heat your house quickly. If it’s taking an unusually long time to heat your home, you need a new system. 

If you need a new furnace, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call (952) 933-1868 to schedule your appointment. 

Why Choose 4Front Energy?

When you’re looking at a heating company, you want a team that can service any brand and will leave your home better than they found it. With 4Front Energy, that’s the level of service you will receive every time. Our licensed and insured professionals go the extra mile to ensure you have a great experience. 

Call (952) 933-1868 or contact us online to schedule a free estimate today. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

The answer to this depends on your home’s needs. A trained professional can work with you to inspect your home, assess its needs, and then determine which option is the best fit. 

The process length changes depending on the scope of the job. The size, type, and location of your unit can all factor into how long the process takes. Our team will be candid in the process time once they have inspected your home. 

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Excellent! They saved me thousands by fixing the broken refrigerant line. Other places would have pushed me to get a new HVAC. The a/c is only 9 years old so I am thrilled that they were able to fix it. This is where experience and skills…

Rita S.

I used 4Front Energy to upgrade our panel from 100 to 200 amps. They were very responsive and professional, offered fair pricing, and did quality work. I will definitely use them again for future projects!

Wes J.

They are honest and ethical... no more need be said. My only call from here out!

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Always available with fair pricing and prompt service.

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We were in a must replace situation with our furnace. We had four bids and theirs was by far the best. The whole crew was professional and did a great job. The furnace and ductwork are great. Fully recommend them.

Ron S.