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When Is The Best Time To Buy a New Furnace?

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As the cold season brings single digits back to Minnesota, having a functional furnace is an absolute must. Not only will it keep your family healthy, but it’s also imperative to keeping your home and its components structurally sound. If your furnace is on the fritz, consider upgrading.

When is the Best Time to Upgrade?

If your existing furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan, then it’s a good idea to plan an upgrade. You never want to let your furnace run until its last breath, as it will likely break down in the wintertime. This break down will lead to more expensive labor and installation bills and keep your family without heat until it’s properly replaced. The best time to plan a new furnace replacement is during the spring and early fall seasons. This is where you can cash in on some of the best deals. In the fall, many HVAC contractors offer discounts on their most popular heating products to meet their sales quotas. Additionally, many heating professionals are trying to eliminate outdated stock during the spring months and will offer a stark discount to furnaces.

Top Reasons to Schedule Your Replacement Early

Probably the most significant reason you should schedule a fall or spring furnace replacement is that the weather is much better. You don’t have to worry about it being the dead of winter and staying warm until your heating system can be replaced. Not to mention that contractors tend to work quickly when the weather is fair as opposed to freezing cold. Scheduling a replacement is also ideal for fitting into the schedule of your chosen HVAC contractor. During the dead of winter and scorching hot summer heat, HVAC contractors are very busy repairing and replacing failed systems. Getting time on their schedule is going to be more hectic and can be more expensive. Another great reason not to wait until your furnace fails to replace is that you can budget accordingly. New furnaces are a significant investment for most families. When you plan when it will be replaced by a professional, you can design your budget accordingly. You won’t have to deal with an unexpected expense with your back up against the wall while your family is freezing cold. Lastly, replacing your furnace before it reaches the end of its lifespan will save you from higher-than-normal heating bills. As your heating system nears the end of its lifespan, it will start to work less efficiently. This means you’ll be spending much more on fuel and electricity to run it.

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