What Should I Know Before Replacing My HVAC System?
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What Should I Know Before Replacing My HVAC System?

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To replace or not to replace – for many homeowners, this is a question that occasionally pops up when an existing HVAC system is getting older and needing repairs more often. If this is a question that’s currently on your mind, take a moment to learn more about what to consider when replacing your current HVAC if this is where you’re headed with your decision about this all-important home comfort system.

Capacity, Size, and Type

First, let’s start by determining what kind of HVAC system you’ll likely need for your home. Don’t just go by your current system, especially if it’s older. Over the years, your home’s comfort needs may have changed. This is more likely to be the case if you added rooms to your home over the years; or if you turned your basement or attic into a living or working space.

For capacity, a heating system is based on BTUs or British Thermal Units. BTUs are based on the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a pound of water by a degree Fahrenheit. This information is used to determine how much gas is burned, although it doesn’t account for such things as heat loss from other processes or other sources, such as air leaks around doors and windows.

Incidentally, today’s heating systems are designed to operate at lower BTUs due to increased efficiency. If you’ll be updating your home’s air conditioning system, the SEER rating – which is how AC unit efficiency is determined. With any type of HVAC system upgrade, also consider:

  • How many rooms you have in your home
  • Your personal home comfort preferences
  • What works best for your budget
  • Your preferences with maintenance for your HVAC system
  • Noise preferences when your system is running*
  • How well the system can maintain the air quality in your home

*Today’s HVAC systems are designed to operate with less noise, which is not common with older systems.

Efficiency, which we touched on a bit above, is worthy of some extra consideration. In addition to BTUs and SEER rating, consider newer features that can boost system efficiency, such as a programmable thermostat.

Determine the Type of HVAC System You’ll Need

Just because you have a standard HVAC system now doesn’t mean this is the only option available today. You might, for instance, prefer a heat pump, mini-splits that can be installed in a single area or room, or maybe a zoned system if you have multiple floors in your home that need heating and cooling. With fuel, it’s generally best to go with what’s commonly available in your area.

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