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Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Efficient Air Conditioners

Cooling Efficiency

During the summer, temperatures increase, and utility bills do too as a result. This leaves millions of Americans paying significantly more than usual to cool their homes. Not only this, but higher utility bills adversely affect the country. For example, they reduce the amount of disposable income of American households. Additionally, higher bills negatively impact the economy. According to Febrizio, “Higher electricity prices have a negative impact on jobs and economic growth: from 2020 to 2040, cumulative job losses in the U.S. range from 18.5 million to 31.3 million and national GDP cumulatively declines by $2.8 trillion to $5.4 trillion” (2015). Luckily, there are many HVAC options in the market that can help solve this problem, and hiring an HVAC professional from time to time will aid you in maintaining your A/C unit. Some A/C units you can install in your home to help reduce the cost of your utility bills in the summer include the Friedrich CP06G10B, the Frigidaire FGRC1244T1, and the Haier ESAQ406T.

The Friedrich CP06G10B

It is important to find an A/C unit that is appropriate for the size of your room. This is because a large air conditioning unit will not necessarily work efficiently in small spaces, according to the Department of Energy. Likewise, a unit that is too small will overcompensate to cool a large room. If you’re looking to cool a small room, however, the Friedrich CP06G10B is a great HVAC option. It has a 6,000 BTU rating, modern features such as a digital remote and digital thermostat, and it is ENERGY STAR qualified. It weighs 60 lbs and is best used for rooms of up to 250 square feet.

The Frigidaire FGRC1244T1

The Frigidaire FGRC1244T1 is an ideal option for larger rooms as it is rated 12,000 BTUs; it is best for spaces of up to 550 square feet. It comes with a smart app which means you can control this A/C unit right from your phone; use the app to turn it on or off and to adjust the temperature and fan speed. Other impressive features of this A/C unit are its Effortless™ Scheduling and Effortless™ Temperature Control. The Effortless™ Scheduling feature allows you to create a schedule for the A/C while the Effortless™ Temperature Control maintains the room’s temperature for optimal comfort. The Effortless™ Scheduling feature, in particular, helps you save money by giving you the option of setting the A/C unit to a higher temperature when you aren’t at home. This is convenient because you do not have to remember to adjust the temperature every day before going out. According to the Department of Energy, you can save around 10% on electricity each year by simply increasing the temperature in your home while you are away.

The Haier ESAQ406T

If you’re looking for a quiet A/C unit, the Haier ESAQ406T is a good option. It runs on only 43 dBA, making it one of the quietest A/C units on the market. With a 6,000 BTUs rating, this unit is also ideal for small rooms. Some of its features include a Full Function Remote, 4-Way Air Direction, an Energy Saver Mode, and a 24 Hour On/Off Timer Plus Sleep Mode. Putting your A/C unit on sleep mode also helps you save more money. Sleep mode works by gradually increasing the temperature in 0.5 to 1.0-degree increments each hour, lowering the capacity the A/C has to work while still keeping you cool.

Choosing an appropriate A/C unit based on your needs and room size is important. Not only will an efficient A/C unit help keep you cool in the summer and reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also help you save money on your utility bills. If in doubt on which A/C unit you should purchase, or if you need help installing or maintaining one, contact 4Front Energy to help you. Call us at (952) 933-1868 or use our online form to get your next service started.

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