HVAC Tips to Keep Your Home Warm for the Holidays
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HVAC Tips for the Holidays

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Despite the hectic holiday season, it is a great time to save money and improve HVAC efficiency. The following tips help homeowners accomplish both without any hard work required. With these tips in play during the holiday season, keeping the family safe and healthy and the home joyful is simple.

Invest in an Air Purifier

An air purifier cleans toxins and chemicals from the air. Indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air quality due to burning candles, cigarette smoke, etc. An air purifier prevents stuffiness, which is even more important during holiday gatherings. It cleans toxins from the air and fills the room with clean comfort that the household can appreciate.

Adjust the Thermostat

With more people in the house, things heat up faster, providing the opportunity to turn down the thermostat temperature. You can reduce your energy costs by 1% for every degree you lower the temperature for eight hours in the home. Adjusting the thermostat a few degrees makes a big difference in savings.

Schedule an Energy Audit

Most energy companies offer free or low-cost energy audits for customers. This audit details areas of the home, likely costing money due to damage or worn-out parts. Schedule an energy audit and make a few home updates and upgrades to improve the home’s comfort and cut heating costs.

Replace the Air Filter

Change the air filter once per month for optimal HVAC performance. With extra people in the home, this is more important than ever. Dirty air filters contribute to poor indoor air quality and cause the HVAC unit to work harder to produce the same results. Air filters cost a few dollars at local home improvement stores. Expect significant results from this simple replacement.

Schedule a Tune-Up

An HVAC tune-up ensures the system can handle the cold winter season without disturbances. A technician inspects the unit, including the coils, and replaces any broken, worn-out parts. The technician also looks for signs of damage that he can repair right then and there. Regular tune-up service reduces breakdowns and malfunctions and extends the lifetime of the appliance.

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