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How Often Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Clean Air Ducts

Residential air ducts aren’t something we think much about until dust and allergens start to get the better of us. Whether it’s time to enjoy the benefits of heating in cooler climates, or simply cool-off with much-appreciated summertime air conditioning, properly running your home’s ventilation system requires clean air ducts.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Having your home’s air ducts cleaned needs HVAC professional maintenance about every 3 years. HVAC technicians use specifically designed tools and technology that allows them to do far more than sweeping the system. Today’s smart-home airflow systems can tell an HVAC professional information that will ultimately eliminate catastrophic system repairs and ensure ultimate home safety.

When To Schedule Service

There are a handful of signs to look for to properly tell when your HVAC air ducts need cleaning:

  • Visible Dust

  • Bothersome Allergies

  • Stagnant Air

  • Breathing/Sleeping Discomfort

HVAC professional service will significantly reduce dust, pet odor, noxious fumes, tobacco, and mold throughout your home. Healthy home air goes hand-in-hand with well-maintained air ducts that prevent contaminants from building up season after season. If surfaces in the home have become noticeably dusty, it could be a result of pet dander and outside pollution.

How To Maintain Air Ducts In between Professional Cleanings

The air in our homes is recirculated nearly 10 times per day on average. When the home’s air ducts fill with everyday dirt and grime, it simply builds up. To self-clean in between HVAC professional service visits, always turn off the main power before opening duct covers and wall grills. Use an ordinary brush tool and vacuum from top to bottom. You can also use an odorless, vinegar-based cleanser and damp cloth to kill lingering particulates.

HVAC Service Calls Save Money

The benefits of air duct maintenance doesn’t stop with solving dust and allergen problems. Ask your technician about tips and recommendations for keeping a clean system, and don’t be shy about asking where the key parts of your home’s ventilation system should be accessed. A smoothly operating opened up system will run at maximum efficiency allowing both comfortable airflow and superior energy reduction too.

Properly serviced air ducts are an important environmental control of every clean home. Having your HVAC system serviced now will reset the maintenance clock and save on monthly utility costs. Proper home ventilation reduces a number of health problems and ensures maximum safety from fire and other hazards. Scheduling routine service is easy, affordable, and most of all, smart! Call 4Front Energy at (952) 933-1868 today!

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