How Does Indoor Air Pollution Affect Expecting Mothers?
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How Does Indoor Air Pollution Affect Expecting Mothers?

 Indoor Air Pollution

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life as you anticipate a new baby’s arrival in your family. There are many things that were once completely normal for you that you must be cautious of and even avoid during this most precious time. These things are typical matters such as eliminating raw foods and alcoholic beverages from your diet, reducing physical and mental stress, and many other precautions.

But, did you know that one major concern that often gets overlooked is the risk of indoor air pollution? Too many times this topic is left out of the conversation regarding a pregnant woman’s health. This article is to discuss in what ways indoor air pollution has an effect on your child in the womb and how to avoid it.

What is indoor air pollution?

Indoor air pollution is the harmful substance in the air that can harm your overall health, particularly affecting your lungs, eyes, and throat. Indoor air pollutants include cigarette smoke, dust, mold, pollen, toxic gas such as carbon monoxide, asbestos, radon, ozone along with strong fumes from paint and chemicals. To eliminate these pollutants, make sure your home’s air filtration is well maintained. Exposure to these air pollutants can be more harmful if you have a respiratory condition such as asthma.

How can indoor air pollution affect your unborn baby?

Indoor air pollution can adversely affect the health of you and your baby in a few ways. Exposure to the pollutants, among others, can increase your risk for low birth weight and premature birth. An HVAC professional can provide you with more details on precisely how each pollutant can contribute to your home’s indoor quality.

How can I avoid or eliminate indoor air pollution?

One common way to regulate your home’s indoor air quality is to replace your home’s air filters every three months. This will allow clean air to flow freely throughout the home to improve the overall air quality. A way to eliminate indoor air pollution is to hire a professional inspector to check for air contaminants in your living spaces. Additionally, installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home can alert your family quickly to this dangerous gas in your home.

It is important to implement these solutions as soon as possible to avoid your pregnancy being negatively affected by pollution in your home’s air. Contact the experts at 4Front Energy to maintain the air quality in your home!


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