Is Your HVAC System Making Popping Noise? Here's Why!
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Help! My HVAC Unit is Making Popping Sounds

HVAC Popping

An HVAC unit is generally meant to be seen and not heard too often, except for normal operation-related sounds. However, what should be reason enough to turn off your unit and give us a call is hearing unusual noise like popping. It might sound like popping popcorn or even firecrackers going off; either way, it’s not normal. Below, we go over common reasons why your HVAC unit may be making popping sounds.

Electrical Problems

Older HVAC units sometimes have electrical wires or components that become frayed, worn or damaged. Should this happen, you may hear popping or pulsating sounds when your unit is running. Due to the risk of an electrical fire, this is an urgent situation requiring attention from HVAC service pros.

Freezing and Defrosting

If the popping is coming from your air conditioning unit, you may have frost gathering on certain parts of your system. This can happen if you set your thermostat too low. Many AC units have a sensor that detects frost and triggers a defrost mode. Should this occur, the popping noise you hear may be ice falling inside the unit during the thawing process.

Water Inside the Unit

Something wet inside your HVAC unit could cause popping sounds. This is more likely to happen with the outside unit after heavy rainfall. Wet leaves and other debris could also get inside the unit. With an air conditioning unit, the drain pan and the condensate line could cause water to get into the system or inside the unit as well. It’s best to call us about this issue, too, since sensitive components can get damaged from water exposure.

Dirty Internal Parts

When a furnace is the HVAC unit making popping sounds during operation, it’s usually because of an accumulation of dirt. For instance, a dirty burner with a gas furnace could prevent the pilot light from properly igniting the burner. The result might be a popping sound caused by excess gas buildup. Because this is a dangerous situation, it’s best to contact us if this is what you’re hearing when your furnace is trying to start.

Mechanical Issues

With both heating and cooling systems, internal mechanical parts sometimes come loose from age or normal wear. If this happens, you may hear a combination of popping, banging, and clanging noise, especially if an internal mechanical part has been completely dislodged from its connection. This is another serious issue that requires immediate professional assistance.

Call Us Today

Not all popping sounds are serious. If you only hear such noises occasionally or very rarely, for instance, it’s probably not a big deal. Otherwise, it’s best to err on the side of caution and reach out to 4Front Energy. Our local technicians will let you know what’s going on and recommend a sensible, cost-effective solution. We can also help you with preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of hearing unusual sounds as your HVAC system does its thing.

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