How to Defrost Your Heat Pump This Winter
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Heat Pump: How to Defrost It During Winter

Heat Pump- How to Defrost It During Winter

It’s normal to have some frost on your heat pump during winter. However, you can’t afford to lose the heat pump during winter. Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air into your house to keep you warm. A well-maintained heat pump works in cycles, and it’s normal to have a thin layer of ice if it’s outside. Here are some of the ways to defrost it if the ice starts to build up.

Run the Defrost Cycle

The defrost function is vital during winter. It keeps the ice from overtaking the heat pump completely. Heat pumps have temperature sensors that can trigger the defrost cycle. A 10-15 minute cycle should be enough to keep the heat pump functioning properly. However, the defrost cycle may fail to run automatically because of wiring, thermostat malfunction, or other technical problems. This can be a huge problem if you don’t rectify it soon. If the heat pump doesn’t defrost quickly enough or properly, it can damage the whole unit.

What to Do If the Pump Doesn’t Defrost Itself

Temporary freeze-ups are normal, and they automatically defrost themselves. The real issue happens when the system freezes for hours without defrosting. You can try turning on the defrost cycle manually. However, not all units can turn on the defrost cycle manually, and others are complicated. If it’s tricky for you, call a technician with experience in handling HVAC units.

You can also try moving the temperature sensor on the exterior of the pump. If the sensor is under direct sunlight, the defrost cycle will not engage. But this should not be your go-to solution; use it as a last resort, especially when you don’t have the skills.

You can also spray the heat pump with water to melt the ice. Ensure you turn the power off first before you melt the ice with water. You can use a garden hose to spray the water until the ice is completely melted. It will help if you run the fan afterward to ensure the heat pump goes back to perfect condition.

When to Call a Professional

We are all for quick solutions when it’s possible. But when things get complicated, you should always call for help. Some of these solutions may not work when the whole unit is frozen over. If you were out of the house for a while and the heat pump has frozen for a long time, you will need a skilled technician to defrost. If you have tried to turn the defrost cycle several times and it’s not activating, there may be other technical issues and need to be addressed by a professional.

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The heat pump is crucial, especially with cold weather. If you notice any issues with the unit, you should call the experts at 4Front Energy for inquiries. We can help with maintenance and new installations. You should not attempt any solutions when you are not skilled; it may worsen the damages.


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