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How To Clean Your HVAC Unit’s Air Ducts

HVAC Air Ducts

Cleaning Air Ducts

Are you concerned that dust, dirt and pollen are contributing to your HVAC unit’s filthy air ducts? If you are, you may be considering having your air ducts cleaned by an HVAC professional. While cleaning your HVAC ducts is a good idea, you should determine whether or not you need it prior to hiring a heating and cooling company for air duct cleaning. That’s why we’ve put together the following tips to help you clean your air ducts.


The first thing you should ask yourself is when you last wiped down your HVAC unit and changed your air filter. Heating and cooling equipment is designed to filter particulate matter from your indoor air by catching it in the air filter. If your air filter is dirty, you may notice an increase in dust buildup in your home and/or on your furnace intake air grill.

Cleaning the grills and registers can remove this dust from your home. Changing your air filter will ensure that all dust, pollen and pet dander is caught and not circulated through your home. If you still see dust or pollen on the registers and furniture, ask yourself how often you open your windows and doors. You may simply be letting these items into your home via open windows and doors, which means your ducts may not be dirty.


Duct cleaning involves the use of special equipment that reaches all the way through your HVAC ducts and loosens all the debris. The loosened debris is then sucked into an industrial vacuum that is located on the truck. If the heating and cooling company pulls out a shop VAC, like the one you have in your garage, you won’t get a thorough cleaning, and it won’t improve the operation of your HVAC unit or eliminate dust, dirt and pollen in your indoor air.

Hire A Professional

You should hire a professional to clean your HVAC unit ducts when you’ve experienced an excessive amount of dust on your furniture that keeps reappearing. You’ve noticed dust blowing out of the registers, and it’s been longer than 12 months since your last duct cleaning service. If you’ve noticed these items, then it’s time to call us for a professional duct cleaning.

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