10 Best Kitchen Sink Materials (Pros & Cons)
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10 Best Kitchen Sink Materials For Your Home (Pros & Cons)

Hey homeowners, you have so many more options for your kitchen sink than a boring old stainless steel basin. Yeah, we said it. Of course, we love a double basin stainless steel sink, but the world is vast, and so are your kitchen sink material options— and we’re here to help! Today we’re going through the best kitchen sink materials to inspire your next kitchen remodel. A simple change like swapping your sink can bring your kitchen from drab to fab, and we can’t wait to make that happen for you. But for now, check out these gorgeous sinks that are sure to itch the remodel scratch.

1 – Cast Iron

A cast iron sink is one of the heaviest ones you can have and the most durable. The enameled cast iron is very strong but can be susceptible to scratches from heavy pots or pans, and to protect it, you can place a silicone mat in the bottom of the sink. You’ll also need some nice, sturdy cabinets to hold its heavy weight. But it’s so worth having a sink that will last for 30+ years.

💖 Pros:

  • Highly durable

  • Unique and versatile style

  • Many color and finish options

  • Easy to clean

🙅 Cons:

  • Very heavy— may need reinforcement

  • Susceptible to scratches or chips

  • Cannot use harsh or abrasive cleaners on it

2 – Composite (Quartz Dust and Acrylic Resin)

A combination of quartz dust and acrylic resin makes up composite quartz sink material. This beautiful material is non-porous and stain, heat, and chip resistant. You can get a composite sink in many colors to perfectly match your kitchen’s style. They’re also easy to keep clean with soap and water or a soft sponge.

💖 Pros:

  • Non-porous and stain resistant

  • Heat, scratch, and chip resistant

  • Sound absorption

  • Lasts 40-50 years

🙅 Cons:

  • Dishes can easily break if they bump or drop in the sink

3 – Copper

A copper sink is one of the most expensive, high-end options when it comes to kitchen sink materials. But man, is it pretty. It also possesses a natural ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Often designed as a drop-in or farmhouse sink style, this can be a great addition to any new kitchen remodel.

💖 Pros:

  • Naturally antimicrobial

  • Comes in an extensive range of styles and patinas

  • Gorgeous aesthetic

🙅 Cons:

  • Very expensive

  • Common for imposters to claim to be copper but be cheaper metal instead

copper farm sink

4 – Enamel

This contemporary-style sink is a nice mid-range price point for anyone looking to add a new, attractive sink to their kitchen remodel. Enamel on its own is very durable and can last a long time, but it’s also used with steel or cast iron as a protective layer.

💖 Pros:

  • Versatile design

  • Classic, traditional style

  • Can last up to 100 years

🙅 Cons:

enamel kitchen sink with dishes in it

5 – Fireclay

If you’ve ever seen a white farmhouse sink, chances are it was made from fireclay material. Fireclay is just what it sounds like: white clay that is glazed and fired in a kiln at high temperatures. They are pretty expensive and require professional installation but are a go-to choice if you’re looking for a modern farmhouse kitchen.

💖 Pros:

  • Very durable

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Lasts a long time

🙅 Cons:

  • Few color options— mostly come in white or off-white

  • May require a re-glaze

  • Very heavy and expensive

  • Not DIY-friendly

white fireclay kitchen sink

6 – Granite

One of the most popular kitchen sink materials nowadays is granite. And for a good reason! This natural stone has beautiful, unique patterns that make every piece unique. Granite sinks may often come as integrated sinks, which is the sink and countertop being one seamless piece of stone. This also means it’s one of the most expensive and labor-intensive installations.

💖 Pros:

  • Very durable and long-lasting

  • Heat-resistant— set your hot pans right on the surface

  • Highly unique

  • It goes well with most kitchen styles

🙅 Cons:

  • Very heavy

  • One of the most expensive options

  • Very porous and needs to be sealed to prevent any damage

7 – Porcelain

Porcelain sinks are very, very common. You probably have one in your house right now! It’s a very traditional style sink material used for centuries now in many settings. Porcelain sinks are also stain, heat, and scratch-resistant. However, they can chip if a heavy object is dropped on it or in it.

💖 Pros:

  • Very affordable

  • Easy to maintain

  • Stain, scratch, heat resistant

  • Work in most kitchen styles

  • Can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals

🙅 Cons:

  • Don’t last as long (15-30 years)

  • Can dent or chip

  • It’s quite heavy and may require reinforced cabinetry

8 – Solid Surface (Acrylic Resin)

Despite its simple name, solid surface sinks are more versatile and affordable than their enamel counterparts. They are ideal for lightweight cabinets and can work just about anywhere.

💖 Pros:

  • Durable

  • Very customizable

  • Affordable

🙅 Cons:

  • Can become discolored over time

  • Prone to scratches and scuffs

  • Doesn’t last super long

  • Sensitive to extreme heat

9 – Stainless Steel

We bet you’ve had a stainless steel kitchen sink at some point in your life. We love them! They are a classic kitchen sink material and work well for any style you wish to pull off. And they work great with both stone and granite countertops.

💖 Pros:

  • Contemporary look that works with any style or countertop

  • Affordable

  • Easy to maintain

🙅 Cons:

  • Can get unsightly water spots

  • Noisy if you’re doing dishes or setting things inside

  • They can scratch

stainless steel sink in a nice kitchen

10 – Stone

A stone sink is definitely a more premium kitchen sink material to choose from— it’s one of the most costly as well. Stone sinks might be made of granite, marble, or petrified wood and best work with stone or wood countertops.

💖 Pros:

  • Adds value to your home

  • Very long lifespan

  • Highly durable

  • Beautiful accent to a new kitchen remodel

  • Heat resistant

🙅 Cons:

  • Very expensive

  • Requires sealant due to its porosity

Finalize Your Kitchen Remodel With a Brand New Sink

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