Can Smart Thermostats Function Without Wi-Fi Connection?
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Can a Smart Thermostat Work Without Wi-Fi Connection?

Can a Smart Thermostat Work Without Wi-Fi Connection?

A smart thermostat has advanced features and innovative capabilities that are primarily dependent on the internet. Typically, it uses Wi-Fi to connect with other devices for remote monitoring and evaluation of the local weather conditions. However, it is quite unrealistic to imagine that it will never go offline. So now, if this happens, you may wonder: will my thermostat work without a Wi-Fi connection?

Mobile Application and Remote Functionality

Most thermostats today come with a mobile application that gives you remote monitoring and control functionality. Usually, this application connects to it through the internet and therefore makes it a remote utility. If the internet is down or there is no Wi-Fi connection, you will lose the remote-control functionality.

Typically, this will only affect the mobile app utility and all the remote access and control features that come with it. Essentially, this could be a great inconvenience if you are out of the house and need access to your thermostat remotely. Common features controlled remotely include:

  • Humidity levels

  • Geofencing

  • Scheduling

When there is no connection, you will lose control of these features. In most cases, it will send you a notification on your mobile device when it loses connection to the Wi-Fi. Other thermostats will send you an email too.

Live Alerts and Updates

A smart thermostat usually sends you alerts and updates on your mobile application, depending on the conditions in the house. For instance, it can notify you of abnormal temperatures or other emergencies. Now, without a Wi-Fi connection, you won’t get updates and alerts if:

  • There are electricity cutouts

  • There is leakage of water

  • Low thermostat battery

  • The house is on very high levels of humidity

  • There are high temperatures at home

This can be problematic to some homeowners, especially since you lose the emergency alerts that might be dire. However, your smart thermostat will always try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi and give you updates as soon as possible.

Cooling and Heating

A failed internet connection will prevent you from remote access and controlling the advanced features of your smart thermostat. However, since cooling and heating is a basic function of your air conditioning system, it does not get affected. In simple terms, your HVAC system continues to run despite the lack of a Wi-Fi connection. How does this work? Most thermostats will maintain the current settings when the internet goes down. However, you might not be able to change or readjust the temperature settings remotely.

Preventing Loss of Wi-Fi Connection

Though your thermostat can still perform basic operations without a connection, you will still need Wi-Fi to access the advanced features. In any case, you didn’t choose a smart thermostat for no reason. You can prevent loss of connection by:

  • Ensuring that the internet connection around your area is adequate and stable.

  • Switching to a stronger internet connection option if the one around your home is not as fast and stable.

A smart thermostat will still dispense the basic functionalities of cooling and heating even with no internet connection. However, your thermostat will need reconnecting to the internet for remote control, monitoring, and live updates. Call us at 4Front Energy to learn more about smart thermostats and what to expect when there is no Wi-Fi connection.

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