5 Reasons You Should Schedule an A/C Clean & Check Service
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5 Reasons to Schedule an A/C Clean & Check

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Spring is the perfect time to schedule an appointment for an air conditioner tune-up, sometimes called a clean & check. Research shows that regular maintenance for your air conditioning improves efficiency and keeps it operating at its best. Here are five surprising reasons to have your A/C system cleaned and inspected:

  1. Identifying red flags can thwart major repairs

    During a clean & check, a qualified NATE-certified technician like the Bryant professionals at 4Front Energy will perform an extensive checklist of tasks, including cleaning, tuning, and quality checking the system and assessing the overall condition of the equipment. If he spots any red flags, chances are the minor issues can easily and inexpensively be repaired.

  2. Your older A/C unit may have more life left than you think

    Even an older air conditioner can benefit from a clean & check. Regular maintenance—specifically that annual inspection, cleaning, and fine-tuning—will extend the life of your older system and keep it running as long as possible. Another benefit of annual maintenance: a good technician should be able to provide a good idea of when to replace your system.

  3. Those 30 parts and pieces outside need upkeep

    Your outdoor air conditioner unit—known as the condenser—has more than 30 moving parts and pieces. During an annual clean & check, the technician will make sure those parts are working together to cool your home—and will remove any weeds, shrubs, leaves, or other debris restricting its airflow. We do not recommend covering your condenser in the winter but if you do, the technician will check for mice, animal nests, and other “critter complications.”

  4. Your warranty coverage is more likely to continue

    You might be tempted to put off maintenance if you have a new air conditioner. Not a good idea. Most manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance to uphold your parts warranty coverage.

  5. Proper refrigerant charge may lower your cooling bills

    If the refrigerant charge—the amount of refrigerant in the system—doesn’t match the manufacturer specifications, cooling performance plummets, according to researchers at the University of Florida. Undercharged systems run longer to achieve cooling, and just a 20 percent undercharged system can double your utility bills. Additionally, as the refrigerant level drops, a blown out compressor becomes an expensive possibility. A qualified, certified technician will find refrigerant charging problems or leaks during that annual clean & check.

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