5 Important HVAC Tips for Minnesota Pet Owners
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5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

Pets improve the quality of our lives immensely. Unless they’re a breed that doesn’t shed, they keep us on our toes to remove hair from our clothing, bedding, furniture, and surfaces. If you’re a pet owner, the filter on your air conditioner can keep some of the fur and dander from floating around your residence.

This short guide provides useful tips to keep your HVAC system in excellent working order despite having pets. You’ll find the five suggestions below lifesavers during the hottest days of the year. When you turn on your air conditioner, you’ll find that it works without issue because of the extra time and care you put into maintaining it.

Schedule Regular Pet Grooming Appointments

If you have a pet that sheds, making them regular appointments with the groomer helps. It prevents all the long fur from blocking the air conditioner’s filter. It also improves the air quality inside the home by reducing the dander produced by dry skin. Having the dog and cat bathed regularly keeps the issue controllable.

Change the Filter as Recommended by an HVAC Professional

Pet owners need to have their AC unit filters changed more regularly. Every few weeks is ideal. If you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, ask your service technician to come back to address your filters. Your air conditioner can work more optimally that way.

Keep Your Ducts Cleaned

Hair can block ducts fast. Cold air isn’t able to flow freely through the 4Front Energy, causing your home to be much warmer than you wanted it to be. Make it a point to clean your ducts or have a professional do it for you. That way, your AC doesn’t work double-time trying to cool a room when its ducts are blocked.

Sweep and Vacuum Your Floors Often

It keeps the shedding fur from blocking filters and ducts. Sweep and vacuum your floors daily, if possible. It picks up the biggest hairballs and removes them before they can become a problem for you. The task is one that you can have your family help you do.

Keep the Outside Unit Free of Debris

Regularly check the outdoor unit to ensure that your outdoor pets haven’t climbed onto it and shed fur into it. Clear out any debris with a vacuum cleaner’s handheld attachment. Remove all tree branches that hand over the unit to prevent damage. It also keeps leaves and twigs from falling into the air conditioner.

Let Us Take Care of the Hard Work for You

Contact 4Front Energy with your request for HVAC service today. Improve the air quality inside your home by having your filters changed regularly. Pet owners should count on removing and replacing air conditioner filters every few weeks for the best results. Trust the experts at our company to assist you with your request right away.

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