Can You Buy HVAC Parts Without a License?

Can You Buy HVAC Parts Without a License?

DIY HVAC work saves people thousands of dollars in repair costs and can also help them save energy by properly maintaining their heating and cooling systems. Professional HVAC work is essential, but homeowners can often do tasks such as changing filters and swapping out broken pumps for much less than the cost of hiring a professional. The following are some of the homeowners’ tasks to save money and take good care of their heating and cooling systems.

1. Fixing water leaks

A homeowner with some spare time can quickly fix most minor leaks by swapping out a broken pipe or tightening a loose connection.

2. Replacing dirty filters

Dirty filters can lead to severe problems down the road if not appropriately maintained.

3. Upgrading to an Energy Star HVAC system

Replacing a standard home HVAC system with an Energy Star rated model can lead to substantial savings over time.

While DIY HVAC projects can be advantageous, some features are off-limits for homeowners to tackle on their own. Buying certain parts like refrigerants requires a technician with a license to make the purchase. HVAC contractors rely on buying certain parts themselves since they need to have the tools for installation purposes. For instance, refrigerant is required for AC systems to work. A technician without a proper license cannot purchase refrigerants.

DIY Projects Aren’t Energy Efficient

Most DIY projects aren’t energy efficient. They might help you save on utilities in the short term by doing things like replacing filters. Still, the extra power consumption caused by the unprofessional installation will do more harm than compensate for any short-term savings.

Unqualified Installation Can Cause Problems

DIY HVAC projects aren’t just problematic because of low efficiency. These “DIY HVAC” projects are often done by homeowners who don’t know how to do the job correctly or have the license to do so. This doesn’t just increase energy consumption and reduce efficiency; it can also cause health problems due to poor quality work that increases mold or mildew problems or minimize the lifespan of your HVAC system.

DIY Projects Aren’t Guaranteed

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a professional for necessary HVAC work is that they’re guaranteed. Professional contractors have warranties and licenses on their labor, and most will include coverage on your equipment as well. If you do things yourself and it breaks down within the warranty period, then you’re on the hook for fixing it.

DIY Projects Can Reduce Your Home’s Value

DIY HVAC projects can reduce your home’s resale value. If you make changes to your ducts or touch up the paint in your attic and leave visible signs of your work, then potential buyers might be turned off by the idea that their new home has been unprofessionally modified.

While there are certainly some advantages to doing your HVAC projects, it’s essential to be aware of the limitations and drawbacks involved to ensure you get the most out of your project. If you’ve decided to invest in improving your HVAC system, consider reaching out to the professionals at 4Front Energy. We have the proper documentation and license to help you with the entire process so you can enjoy quality HVAC repairs with little to no inconvenience.


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